One of the most modern 24-hour safe deposit box rental services in town.

Whether cash, jewelry, precious metals, data disks or documents: Store your valuables safely in our state-of-the-art fully automated safe deposit boxes.

Discreet and accessible to you 24/7.

Our bank-independent safety deposit boxes are ideal for the secure deposit of Cold Storage wallets used for cryptocurrencies. Rent a safe deposit box in a historic bank building and one of the most modern and secure vaults in the heart of Vienna.

How to rent a safe deposit box in Tresor am Schottentor:

  1. Schedule a non-binding appointment with us (Online or via telephone)
  2. Visit our premises and see for yourself if we meet your expectations
  3. Sign a rental contract
  4. Receive personal instructions how to access your safe deposit box…finished


24/7 - access to your safe deposit box

Option of increasing your insurance up to €1 Mio. per safe deposit box

bank-independent rental of the safe deposit boxes

Located in the 1st district within the prestigious "Haus am Schottentor"

Option to use an existing bank card  to access your safe deposit box

SMS TAN as an additional authentication procedure

Discreet and dignified environment

Wheelchair  accessible

Meeting room available free of charge

Convenient parking nearby (Votive Park garage)

Good accessibility via public transportation

Safe Deposit Box Sizes and Prices

Are you storing documents, cash, gold, jewelry, data disks or items with sentimental value?

We have 5 different safe deposit box sizes to fit your needs. Our boxes vary in height from 5 cm to 23 cm. The base dimensions are the same for all safety box sizes. The base dimensions are 24 x 36 cm (for comparison, a DIN A4 sheet of paper is 21 x 30 cm).

Still not sure what size you need? Visit us and try it yourself. We are happy to assist you in choosing a suitable safety deposit box size. Arrange your personal consultation appointment now.

5 Heights
to choose from
Höhe5 cm8 cm11 cm17 cm23 cm
Grundfläche24 x 36 cm24 x 36 cm24 x 36 cm24 x 36 cm24 x 36 cm
Maximales Fachgewicht20 kg20 kg20 kg20 kg20 kg
Miete/Jahr inkl. USt.€365*/Jahr€445*/Jahr€525*/Jahr€685*/Jahr€785*/Jahr
Maximum Weight
Rent /year incl. VAT


24 x 36 cm
20 kg

€ 365*

Maximum Weight
Rent /year incl. VAT


24 x 36 cm
20 kg

€ 445*

Maximum Weight
Rent /year incl. VAT


24 x 36 cm
20 kg

€ 525*

Maximum Weight
Rent /year incl. VAT


24 x 36 cm
20 kg

€ 585*

Height Dimensions Maximum Weight Rent /year incl. VAT


24 x 36 cm 20 kg

€ 685*

Additional Information:

SMS TAN: € 18,- per year

One-time deposit: € 250,-

Basic insurance: € 5,000 per safe deposit box is included

Higher insurance Option: up to € 1,000,000 per safe deposit box possible (0,18%)

Deposit and rent: 1st year rent and deposit to be paid in advance*

Minimum rental period:1 year, thereafter automatic renewal possible

Termination option:1 month before the end of the contract

* Payment options: Cash, credit card (Visa, Mastercard), debit card

Rental contract:

Download the rental agreement here

How to rent your personal safe deposit box

Are you interested in renting a safety deposit box with us? Then please contact us for a non-binding appointment. We will gladly show you our premises and answer any questions you may have. Sign up at anytime. Once a rental contract is signed, you will receive personal instructions on how to access your new safe deposit box on your own. From then on you can come and go as you please: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

About us

With Tresor am Schottentor, we have set up a state-of-the-art secure 24-hour vault in one of the most historic bank buildings in Austria: “Haus am Schottentor”. After a 3-year renovation period ending in 2021, this unique building was fundamentally refurbished, modernized and adapted to the latest security standards.

We value the importance of security and discretion when renting a safety deposit box to you. Rest assured, your valuables will be safely and discreetly stored in an exclusive environment independent of any banking relationship.

Our Partners


The need to keep important documents and valuables such as jewelry, gold or cash in a safe place has been increasing for some time. Banks no longer have the appropriate means to meet the needs of a modern customer. On the one hand the availability of safe deposit boxes is quickly diminishing as more and more banks close their retail locations and terminating their existing customers with few options. On the other hand the opening hours of banks restrict a 24/7 access to a safe deposit boxes. In your private home, there is not only a higher risk of theft, but also the possibility of fire or water damage. We believe our bank independent safety deposit boxes not only meet the highest security standards, but will offer you a modern and exclusive option for the storage of your valuables.

You may store: Documents, cash, jewelry, precious metals, data backups and valuables of a sentimental value. You cannot store hazardous materials, dangerous or perishable goods as well as objects that the law prohibits possession of (e.g. weapons, narcotics).

In the event of an insurance damage, our insurance partner requires you to provide precise documentation of the stored items. For this reason, it is helpful to photo-document all your stored items and keep the corresponding invoices.

Every adult over the age of 18 years is allowed to rent a safe deposit box. There is no banking relationship required with us. International customers are welcome. All customers require proper identification to purchase a rental agreement.

Yes, multiple people can have access to your personal safe deposit box. You decide who may have access.