Trust in one of the safest safe deposit box providers

You want to keep your valuables in a safe place. Not sure where? Storage in your own home often involves great risks from theft to fire/water damage. A safe alternative is a deposit box outside of your home or office. Traditionally banks were the first option, but banks are limited with opening hours and often have an outdated access procedure. We see this as an opportunity to adapt a traditional financial service to meet modern needs while keeping highest security standards at the core of our safe deposit box service.

Here are several reasons why we believe we are one of the safest safe deposit box providers:

Usage of the latest security technologies in the field of authentication and access control. As a customer you will be personally instructed for your private access.

Rooms are monitored 24/7 with state-of-the-art video cameras by our security service partner.

Cybersecurity security standards are implemented and updated by the domestic market leader PCS.

Privacy is a key consideration in the software and processes we use to handle customer data.

Our vault meets the highest security standards.

The nearest police station is 50 meters across the street.

Convenient and discreet parking in the Votivpark garage. Exit right in front of our location.

If needed, we can assist in arranging a supervised armed transport of your safety deposit box content to and from our location.

In accordance with current safety regulations pertaining to COVID-19 our premises are disinfected several times a day. Mask and distance requirements are to be respected.

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