The need to keep important documents and valuables such as jewelry, gold or cash in a safe place has been increasing for some time. Banks no longer have the appropriate means to meet the needs of a modern customer. On the one hand the availability of safe deposit boxes is quickly diminishing as more and more banks close their retail locations and terminating their existing customers with few options. On the other hand the opening hours of banks restrict a 24/7 access to a safe deposit boxes. In your private home, there is not only a higher risk of theft, but also the possibility of fire or water damage. We believe our bank independent safety deposit boxes not only meet the highest security standards, but will offer you a modern and exclusive option for the storage of your valuables.

You may store: Documents, cash, jewelry, precious metals, data backups and valuables of a sentimental value. You cannot store hazardous materials, dangerous or perishable goods as well as objects that the law prohibits possession of (e.g. weapons, narcotics).

In the event of an insurance damage, our insurance partner requires you to provide precise documentation of the stored items. For this reason, it is helpful to photo-document all your stored items and keep the corresponding invoices.

Every adult over the age of 18 years is allowed to rent a safe deposit box. There is no banking relationship required with us. International customers are welcome. All customers require proper identification to purchase a rental agreement.

Yes, multiple people can have access to your personal safe deposit box. You decide who may have access.

To rent a safe deposit box we are required to determine your identity. You must identify yourself with an official photo ID (identity card, driver’s license, or passport). For non-Austrian customers we only accept a passport for identification. For Business/corporate customer we require identification of the owner/managing director as well as an extract from the commercial register of companies. (Firmenbuchauszug) Please consider that payment for the deposit as well as the first-year fees must be paid in advance when opening a rental agreement for a safe deposit box.

You have unrestricted and wheelchair friendly access to your safe deposit box around the clock, 24/7, 365 days a year starting from the day you sign a rental agreement with us. You may access your safety deposit box as many times as you like.

Once you are a safe deposit box customer you will receive personal instructions from a staff member on how to use our safety deposit boxes. From this point on you can store and retrieve your content from the deposit box as often and whenever you want without our employees being present. We value privacy.

The deposit and fees for the first year are to be paid when the deposit box rental agreement is signed. Payment is possible in cash, by credit card (Visa and Mastercard) and by debit card. After the first year future payment can be implemented if desired via bank transfer or standing order.

There are 5 different deposit box sizes. All safe deposit boxes have the same base dimensions: 24x36cm. (for comparison, a DIN A4 sheet of paper is 21 x 30 cm). The boxes vary in height from 5 cm to 23 cm. (5cm, 8cm, 11cm, 17cm or 23cm) Maximum weight of the safe deposit box content is 20kg.

There is a basic insurance of € 5,000 for each safe deposit box included with the standard rental agreement. You have the option to increase your insurance for your content up to € 1 million per safe deposit box. The costs for the additional insurance are 1.8 ‰ per year. Eg. An additional safe deposit box insurance package of €100,000 costs €180 per year.

You have unrestricted access to your safe deposit box in the event of a financial/banking crisis, or pandemic such as COVID-19.

Each customer receives two keys for their safe deposit box. If you lose a key, we must exchange the lock in your presence. If both keys are lost, we will have to force open the safe deposit box in your presence and replace the lock. In both cases we need to identify you, so you must bring appropriate identification. The costs incurred will be carried by the customer. We do not have a third or master key to any customer deposit boxes.

If you use your debit or credit card to gain access to our location and lose it, you must contact your bank first, report your missing card and apply for a new card with your bank. Once you have received the new card you need to come in person to our location so we can verify your identity and initiate your new card in our system. Be sure to bring proper identification documents for verification. If you use a card from Tresor am Schottentor for your access, you must contact us immediately and schedule an in-person appointment for a replacement card. We will need to verify your identity before we can give you a new card. Be sure to bring proper identification documents for verification. The costs incurred will be carried by the customer.

Should you forget your personal access PIN, please contact one of our staff members or schedule an in-person appointment. Be sure to bring proper identification documents for verification. The costs incurred will be carried by the customer.