The Golden Friend Programme

Tresor am Schottentor Treueaktion: Golden Friend Programm

Through our “Golden Friend” programme, you will receive a Vienna Philharmonic GOLD 1/25 as a thank-you for each positive recommendation you make.

How it works:

  1. You recommend our company to others.
  2. Your recommendation results in the conclusion of a new contract.
  3. You will receive a Vienna Philharmonic GOLD 1/25 as a thank-you in a gift card.
  4. 1 new customer = 1 Vienna Philharmonic GOLD 1/25

Terms and conditions of participation in the “Golden Friend” programme

Because of better readability, the simultaneous use of the language forms male, female and diverse (m/f/d) is avoided. All personal designations apply equally to all genders.


Tresor am Schottentor would like to thank its existing customers for making successful recommendations and reward them with a bonus. Every existing customer (hereinafter: Referrer) will receive a bonus as a thank you for the successful referral of a new customer (hereinafter: Referral) if all terms and conditions of participation are met. The “Golden Friend” programme starts in October 2022 and runs until 31.12.2024. Tresor am Schottentor reserves the right to change, pause or discontinue the programme without prior notice.

As a thank you, Referrers will receive from Tresor am Schottentor a 1 Vienna Philharmonic GOLD 1/25 in a thank-you card for each successful referral (example: 1 successful referral = 1 thank-you card with 1 gram gold bar, 2 successful referrals = 2 thank-you cards with 1 gram gold bar each). The prerequisite for receiving a thank-you card is the fulfilment of the terms and conditions of participation described below.


Eligible to participate are all legally competent and natural persons who:

  1. have reached 18 years of age and
  2. and have an ongoing rental contract with Tresor at Schottentor.

Cooperating partners are excluded from the “Golden Friend” programme.

To clearly link the Referrer and the Referral, the Referral must quote the surname of the Referrer as a reference when concluding a rental contract, so that a clear correlation can be made.

A new customer within the framework of the “Golden Friend” programme is any natural person with legal capacity who:

  1. has reached 18 years of age and
  2. concludes a new rental contract for a safe deposit box through a recommendation from an existing customer of Tresor am Schottentor (excluding monthly rentals).

In addition, the Referrer and the Referral must be different people. Excluded from the “Golden Friend” programme is the conclusion of a new or additional rental agreement by an existing customer.

There is no upper limit for successful referrals per year. The mass and/or commercial referral of new customers via intermediary portals, social networks, etc. is prohibited and does not entitle the customer to receive the bonus. In the event of violations of these terms and conditions of participation, Tresor am Schottentor reserves the right to exclude the respective Referrer from the promotion.

Basically speaking, each new customer may only be referred once. In the case of multiple referrals, the Referrer whose contact details were the first to be included by the referred new customer at Tresor am Schottentor is entitled to receive a bonus.

The assessment of new customers under the “Golden Friend” programme takes place every quarter. By the 10th of the month following the end of the quarter at the latest, the Referrer will be informed by email if their referral has resulted in the conclusion of a contract. Only those participants in the “Golden Friend” programme who have led to the positive conclusion of contracts will be informed. The contract of the Referral may not be revoked or challenged.

The thank-you card(s) will be available for collection on site at Tresor am Schottentor from the day of notification.

When collecting the bonus, Referrers must identify themselves and sign a declaration of acceptance.

This document has been carefully designed and produced by Tresor am Schottentor. However, we do not guarantee that it is up-to-date, correct and complete.

Date of all information, representations and explanations 19 October 2022, unless otherwise specified.

The bonus cannot be exchanged or paid in cash. It is prohibited to sell the bonus commercially or for commercial purposes. Any legal recourse is excluded. There is no legal entitlement to receive a bonus. Any legal recourse is excluded. By participating in the “Golden Friend” programme, the Referrer accepts these terms and conditions. The “Golden Friend” programme cannot be combined with other promotions by Tresor am Schottentor or its cooperating partners.