Rent a safe deposit box for your valuables

Are you interested in renting a safe deposit box? Let us show you how easy it can be.

  1. Schedule a non-binding appointment with us (Online or via telephone)
  2. Visit our premises and see for yourself if we meet your expectations
  3. Sign a rental contract
  4. Receive personal instructions how to access your safe deposit box

…finished! You have immediate 24/7 access to your personal safe deposit box. Use it when and how often you want. Discreetly and privately.

Information regarding the appointment

This appointment is non-binding and gives you an opportunity to see our premises, meet our staff and learn about our fully-automated safe deposit box service. See for yourself how convenient renting a safe deposit box can be. We can assist you with everything from choosing a proper box size to completing the rental agreement. Please bring proper identification documents if you want to sign-up right away.