A modern vault in a historic bank building

With Tresor am Schottentor one of the most secure and modern safe deposit box facilities opens at a place steeped in history. More than 100 years ago, “Haus am Schottentor” was the headquarter of the “Wiener Bankverein” (Viennese Banking Association). From 1934 to 2002, it served, among other things, as the headquarters of the “Creditanstalt-Bankverein” and from 2002 until 2017 as the Austrian headquarters of “Bank Austria/UniCredit”.

Most recently, the “Haus am Schottentor” was completely renovated and fundamentally modernized. The dignified and exclusive environment was preserved and with the opening of Tresor am Schottentor a part of the financial services heritage is continued. The state-of-the-art vault system with 24-hour access, independent of any banking relationship, enables you to have discreet access around the clock, 365 days a year.

The operator of Tresor am Schottentor is the 24h Safe GmbH, based in Vienna, which was founded in 2020 by two established Austrian family businesses. We know the importance of security, discretion and your trust when renting a safety deposit box to you.

Supervised Armed Transport

If needed, we can assist in arranging a supervised transport of your safety deposit box content to and from Tresor am Schottentor. You can be accompanied by our armed security partner along the way. Please contact us for further details.

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